hello luxe faq

What is a “Hello Luxe Shoot-Out?”

Collaborative events featuring Bloggers, Photographers, MUAs & brands with one main goal: high quality content curation for maximum social media exposure. These events are a massive photoshoot at a local location to the influencers and photographers. These shoot outs make it possible for everyone who participates benefit from the event.

What will the photographers be taking pictures of?

Bloggers, influencers and the location where the photoshoot will be held. There is no limit to what the photographer can shoot. There will also be marketable products from brands that have donated to the event as well as items brought in by the Event Director. These items can be used as flatlays between the model/photographer rotations as well as before and after the photoshoot. There will also be some photographer products to test out and try such as prisms, copper rings and reflectors.

What does the registration fee cover?

The fee to join these shoot outs covers the event coordination, swag bag and munchies. Each participant is paying to attend so that everyone is on the same “playing field” where everyone is contributing and everyone is working toward the common goal.

What is the benefit to me attending?

The benefit to attending these events is that there will be social media coverage by all who is attending and any brands that have sponsored that want to join in on the social share. Additionally, these events are all about content curation. So after the event is done and over, there will be content still being circulated post-shoot out.

What is the benefit to me attending as a blogger?

As a blogger, I know first hand how content is key to growing your blog and social media presence. With an event like this you will be given at the minimum 3 images per photographer. Since there will be 28 photographers present, you will be receiving approximately 84+ images created all in one day. It is imperative that you come prepared to these events with multiple outfits (between 5-7) so that the content is utilized to its maximum potential.

Additionally, pitching companies to be a part of an event like this by sponsoring you is also encouraged. Lastly, this is your chance to collaborate and connect with all in attendance. From photographers to designers to where the photoshoot is held at, the possibilities are endless when it comes to connecting with these new contacts.

If you are a creative and know how beneficial collaborations are, this is a prime event to make magic happen; the possibilities are endless.

What is the benefit to me attending as a photographer?

As a photographer, I too understand how your portfolio helps you with your business. Creating images that are easy on the eyes and connects with your prospective customers is a common need for photographers and this event helps you out with exactly that. The event also helps photographers who want to diversify their portfolio and tap into their creativity by shooting something that they aren’t used to. Shooting for yourself is always fun and helps you remember why this is your passion. On the social media aspect, some photographers may feel they lack in that area or need a boost. With an event like this, you will be able to take advantage of the combined social media footprint from all who participate. The link to your business will be featured on 8 blogs which would be an “evergreen” type of post.

Evergreen content is SEO content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

Additionally, the Bloggers and Influencers in attendance understand social media. They know how to properly tag, properly credit photographers and properly know how to navigate social media platforms to maximize their exposure. When they maximize their exposure, you get some of their “social media juice.”

Lastly, this is a collaboration event. This is your chance to meet and mingle with those that are connected locally. Even if you do not shoot in the genre of “glamour” or “beauty”… Or even shoot Bloggers, Commercial or Models for a living, they have friends, family and followers that might need your services. You are also able to connect with brands and other coordinators that you might not have had the connection prior to so bring your business cards!

Meet, mingle, have fun and shoot.

What goes on at these photoshoots?

Make-up Artists begin their sessions on the Bloggers and Influencers who requested Make-up services an hour prior to the photoshoot beginning. Once the shoot begins, the Bloggers and Influencers will be stationed around the photoshoot location. The photographers will be in groups of 4 at each Blogger station. Shooting goes on for 20 minutes and then a 10 minute break for clothing changes. Then the photographers rotate to the next Blogger station. There will be 7 stations and the shooting will end during golden hour. The photographers are able to take the Bloggers out of their assigned station during the 20 minutes of shooting to walk around, get creative, use photo props and utilize their surroundings. After shooting is complete, the photographers and bloggers are more than welcome to curate flatlays with products, additional shooting that may have been missed etc. Upon photoshoot completion (once there is no more sun to be utilized) social hour begins with munchies and beverages.

What happens after the shoot out?

After the shoot out is done and over, the photographers will have 2 weeks to generate fully edited, high res, unwatermarked images at the minimum quantity of 3 per blogger. After disbursement of images is made by the Event Director, the Bloggers will have 1 week to generate a blog post about the event. Each blog post will feature all who participated and linking back to everyone’s blog, business page or social media platform of their choosing. Any and all images that are shared on social media by the bloggers, photographers or brands will be tagged and created with: blogger who is in the image, the photographer who took the picture, make-up if it was provided to them, location of the venue, and any products shown in the images.

How can I follow along if I’m not attending the event?

You can follow along with us using this hashtag on all social media platforms:



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