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You know that feeling you get when you take in a deep breath of a familiar smell. Your Grandma’s house. A library book. Or walking the halls of your junior high school. Feeling the walls and reminiscing of times when your 12 year old little hand used to pick at the paint as your crush was walking by. Or sitting in the bleachers of your alma mater and closing your eyes. You can almost feel the crowd cheering around you (and smell that popcorn too.) And just like those nostalgic feelings and emotions, this blog is my nostalgic place and I hope it to be the same for you. Here you will find some old stories from myself, from other ladies, other parents or even some current stories and life-stuff I’m currently going through that I can look back on. Additionally you’ll find some loveliness I’m passionate about, some products and services I love and I would hope that you would love as well. But most importantly, I want this to be a safe and trusting space to connect with you.

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When I was a little kid, I was a super shy and quiet introvert; I still kinda am given the right setting. Is an extroverted introvert a thing? That’s probably how you would describe my personality. I can be loud and assertive yet clam up and go into “my zone” pretty equally. I love to help others and my love language is giving gifts. Sentimental gifts and even color coordinating down to the card. I also think birthdays are extra extra special.

My passion for sharing stories started when I was in high school. I was a part of the yearbook staff and oddly enough at that time, it was also a “nerdy” thing to do. I was a Sports Editor that got to carry around a super fancy and super HUGE digital camera – probably one of the first of its kind. Coupled with my technology experience of building chat rooms on mIRC since I was 12, my love for film photography since I was 15 and now flexing my skills in a yearbook class, I quickly learned what it was to share stories and how much of an impact I had by doing so.


I grew up in a small-ish town called Chino in southern California where the cow manure scent was thick and the farm fresh eggs were cheap. A place where you’d run into your neighbors every time you visited Stater Bros (the local grocery store) yet lived close enough to rub elbows with movie stars in Los Angeles. Chino is also known for one great thing… Diana Taurasi and we are pretty proud of her.

Moving is my middle name. No not really but kinda. I don’t remember ever living in one place longer than a year after I graduated high school. Speaking of high school and moving, a little “fun” fact: I went to 4 different high schools in my last two years and made sure I graduated with my home school, Don Antonio Lugo, in 2001.

And this spirit of sharing stories followed me into adult life. I started working at “desk jobs” since I was around 18 years old. As far as I can remember, I was always a story teller amoung my peers. I vividly remember working at US Bank and would always begin my day with “OMG YOU GUYS will NEVER guess what happened to me yesterday!” Hence, I was dubbed “Keep Me Posted Ewing” (Ewing being my maiden name) in this office. And if you get me going on my past experiences, I would probably hear “you really should write a book!” So in the mean time, here I am. Sharing. Connecting. With you. Welcome to my little space.

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A special thank you to Agnes Art & Photo for the images that are featured throughout most of this website. If you’d like to see the whole session click here. To find out more about Agnes Art & Photo, click here.

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